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A wardrobe is an important part of a student’s life, for both girls and boys. College life is a time when every person becomes more conscious about how they look and dress up. As a student, you know how important it is to have a closet with clothes you need for your school. Every person has their own collection of apparel. However, there are some clothing items which you will nearly always find in every student’s closet.

You may have a collection of different articles of clothing in your closet but there are some things that you simply can’t part with. Now that you have taken care of your coursework by hiring the write my Law Essay Services of a reputable academic writing company, it is time to sort out your wardrobe and see how you can pair your clothes with different items. We have compiled a list of must-have clothing items that every student should keep in their closet. 

  1. Pair Of Jeans

This is one clothing item that no student can do without. Every student needs to have a pair of jeans that are comfortable and able to last long. Jeans are so versatile that you can literally pair them with every top, blouse and t-shirt you own. 

  1. White or Black pants

Don’t feel like wearing jeans to school today? No problem! You can choose your white or black pair of pants and pair it with a top. These pants are not just for college-wear; you can even make use of them when going out with friends, or even on a date.

  1. T-Shirts

Who doesn’t have a favourite tee? It is one of the most comfortable clothes one can have in their closet. It doesn’t even matter if the T-shirt is plain. You can pair it with your favourite jeans, or even a skirt.

  1. Jackets

You cannot go out without wearing a jacket. When you have to go to your institution, you can choose to keep a stylish leather jacket. Other options for jackets can be a cotton jacket, pull-overs, cardigans, etc.

  1. Scarves

Without accessories, your look will not be complete. The best way to enhance your look is by wearing a scarf wrapped around your neck. Scarves can be great to complement the plain top you are wearing. You can do so much with it. For instance, you can wear it around your neck, tie it around your waist, or even use it as a headband. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Boots

Speaking of accessories, you also need to consider footwear. Having a pair of fashionable boots in your closet can make all the difference in your look. Apart from the fact that they will help you make a fashion statement, it will also keep you warm during the winter season. 

  1. Dresses

For the girls, it is important to have versatile apparels. One of the things that can help them bring a feminine touch to their look is by wearing dresses to school. Of course, they must ensure to wear knee-length dresses to stay within the boundaries of the dress code set by the school.

  1. Skirts

Another thing girls should keep in their closet are skirts. This article of clothing can be great to wear during the summer season when the temperature is high. Plus, they will look great with blouses and cute tops.


High school and college life for a student are one of the best experiences of a student’s life and my friend said to me that Write My Essay. So make the most of it and enjoy. If dressing up makes you happy, go for it!