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How to Make Your College Profile Effective?

High school seniors have a lot on their plate. From wanting to get into the university of their choice to making sure their midterms score match the required criteria, there is a lot to manage. Applications and essays are all they can think about, and it becomes increasingly difficult to cope with the stress. Therefore, it is wise to work on the profile from day one to avoid facing difficulties in the final months.

Mentioned below are some tips to ensure that your college application stands out from the swarm of other candidates.


Focus on Grades

Now, this might seem obvious, but many students ignore their midterms and finals due to college applications. Yes, the procedure is hectic, but you have to be responsible and learn how to balance both aspects efficiently. If you feel that the stress is limiting your progress, talk to the academic guidance counsellors so they can assist you with managing your schedule accordingly.


Work on College Essays

More than 50% of your admission depends on the essays you write to communicate your passions and interests to the counsellors. So you need to edit it carefully with services like write my essay. The first draft is never perfect, so go over the requirements and set an appointment with your instructor to proofread it several times. Ensure that the experiences you narrate are detailed but avoid getting carried away.


Sign up for ECAs

Colleges usually expect the candidate to have a wide range of skills that make them unique from the other applicants. So, participate in various activities like volunteering programs or sports competitions to build a stronger profile. Even if you have not achieved expertise in any field, the admissions team should know that you are not afraid of challenges and are always trying something new.



The job market is extremely competitive nowadays, and along with employers, colleges also look for candidates who have relevant experience in the field they are applying for. This would communicate your determination to excel in the discipline you’ve chosen and make you different from the candidates who just have theoretical knowledge. So, get a summer job or an internship before your senior year to show that you are willing to go the extra mile for your goals.

Research about the School

Don’t apply to a college just because they have a good reputation. Read about their departments and extracurricular actives to see if their program aligns with your priorities. Your chances of getting in a school will increase if your preferred course is also the subject they produce most majors in. Yes, the competition would be high but it would tell the admissions team that you are confident about your abilities. Also, if you are called for an interview, you can impress the counsellors with your knowledge.


Don’t be afraid to take chances and apply to schools even if you think they are too competitive. Discuss the finances with your guardians and evaluate your options to shortlist the most well-suited universities.