Top 5 Applications to Use in Your Classroom

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Teaching is not an easy profession. The responsibilities of keeping individual academic records, managing discipline and grading stacks of papers can be extremely hectic. Therefore, to make your teaching experience enjoyable and effective, we have compiled these easy-to-use phone applications.


One of the biggest challenges faced by teachers is the task of making mathematics interesting, especially at the elementary level. Since the beginning, children despise this subject due to its complexity and often get lost in the confusing equations. However, with Prodigy, you do not have to worry about making your teaching lessons creative as you can design a game plan for students letting them choose according to their level. Also, it is the most classroom-friendly application as it allows you to keep track of the number of questions a student has solved. All you have to do is to make them log into the application with their IDs and then watch them get excited about something as boring as math.



A problem that most teachers face during the management of elementary grades is promoting positive and disciplined behaviour. So, if you're looking to train your class in the most interesting ways possible, Class-Dojo is the right application for you. It has appealing visuals that kindle enthusiasm in children. It lets them make creative avatars and associate particular names with them. Also, you can keep track of those images and assign rewards or negative points to the students depending on their behaviour. This would help create a constructive environment, and you can even contribute to it by giving gifts to children who score the most positive points.


Along with teachers, parents also have the busiest schedules and are unable to attend weekly meetings to discuss their child’s academic progress. If you want to keep parents in the loop with their kid’s development, Seesaw is the application for you. After entering a joining code, you can post various assignments with deadlines. If you find an interesting paper online, you can employ the assistance of essay writing service UK and post it on Seesaw. Parents receive an email every time you or a student use the application for class activities which keeps them well-informed. Also, this application allows different forms of submission, such as pictures, attaching files, and video messages.



This application is the most popular choice among teachers for assessing students. After going through a topic, you do not have to wait for midterms. Instead, you can test the basic knowledge of all students through various quizzes with fascinating visuals. You can pick a relevant one and bring out the healthy competitive side in students. With each question, there are four options marked with different colours and shapes, which makes it more fun and interesting. Also, the 20 seconds time limit challenges students and gives no chance to cheat.



It is important to relieve the stress off of students after constant periods of classroom concentration. Children in elementary grades have a lot of energy to channel and GoNoodle is the ideal application for productive breaks. The short videos on this application range from stress-relief exercises to dance and music tutorials. If you want to ease the academic pressure, download GoNoodle and make the activity enjoyable yet informative.


So, leave the mundane teaching methods behind and make use of these applications to stimulate positive learning behaviour among students!